Bespoke Wedding Dress Design Process

Hand crafted wedding dresses in London, United Kingdom
bespoke bridal, deep V back
bespoke bridal, layered to train


Although all of Kate’s wedding dresses are elegant, modern designs with a vintage feel, each bespoke design is totally unique – as unique as you!

The Kate Edmondson bespoke wedding dress experience starts from £2500. This is a fully bespoke service, taking approximately 6-8 months to complete, and all done by Kate herself at her West London studio (and you, at every step of the way). The timeline is approximate and of course dependent on the design and style you choose, but please do allow this time to ensure you can enjoy the process – it should be enjoyable!

Design consultation

This is an initial consultation to find out more about you, your wedding, and any ideas you have for your wedding dress (whether you have a little, or a lot). Whether it’s Pinterest or scrapbook, we’d love to see it. We’ll chat through styles, underwear and budget, before giving you a quote for the work. If you’re happy with what’s been discussed, we will then take a 50% non-refundable deposit and sign our contract to secure the date.


Based on your ideas discussed in the consultation, Kate will then produce a few design sketches of your wedding dress before sending them to you for discussion and approval. New sketches can be requested for extra cost.


Kate will then take your measurements to create your first calico toile. Your bridal underwear should be purchased and worn for all appointments from here on if possible – this will ensure the perfect fit on the day.

Toile fitting

This is the first mock-up of your dress, how exciting! Your first fitting will be in this calico toile, to ensure the design and measurements can be tweaked to ensure the perfect fit.


Alterations based on the above are made. Once these are done, you will need to attend further fittings, to make sure you’re completely happy. Kate will advise you as to how many alterations and thus fittings you will need.

Your fabric

At this stage, Kate will order your chosen luxury fabric and trims.

Your dress

Kate will then create the outside shell of your wedding dress in your chosen fabric, before adding lining and finishing touches like zips, buttons and embellishments.

Your final fitting

This is the last time you’ll be in your wedding dress before the big day – how exciting! We make sure everything is fitting perfectly, and request that this fitting is as close to the wedding day as possible to ensure the closest fit possible.


Kate can also make accessories, veils and headpieces to compliment your look.

General questions about the process

Bespoke fittings are a unique process, ensuring that your dress is totally perfect for you and no-one else. However, there are some general rules and advice that we like to give to brides to make the whole process as smooth as possible. Everything will be explained fully in the consultation and the terms and conditions you’ll be given, but please find some helpful preliminary information for bespoke garments below.

We prefer that deadlines are as close as possible to the wedding date to ensure the best fit.

Please strive to make all of your scheduled fittings, especially as the final fitting draws closer. This helps the dress get the time it deserves, as cancelled or delayed fittings may cause the pick-up date of your dress to be pushed back.

If you require a tighter fit than our professional recommendation, we cannot be responsible for the finished fit of the garment.

If a large weight increase or decrease occurs during the fitting process, it may incur extra charges for the necessary amendments.

Kate only takes on a select number of clients a year to give each dress the full attention it deserves, but this does mean that late payments will require fittings to be made around the schedule already in place.

made exclusively for each bride
hand finishing detail