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10 wedding dress trends for 2020 – part 1

For many, the summer season is winding up - the light changes, the days get chillier and the evenings draw in. For those of us in the wedding industry however, we’ve had one eye on 2020 for a while now. Every year has it’s “must have trends” and if you’re looking for some inspiration for next year’s wedding look, here’s my rundown of the top 10 styles walking down the aisle next summer – Part one!

1. High low hemlines

This hemline is not unusual in the world of fashion couture, but next year sees it really take off on the wedding aisle, the high low hemline is all about making a statement with its often super-long train at the back and mini hemline at the front, this look is designed to show some leg and flaunt the perfect pair of wedding shoes. This dress looks great with an equally fashion-forward veil, or you may prefer going for a dramatic hair-up style. That said, the high low hem looks just as good with a laid-back approach. A hairstyle of effortless waves, paired with this type of dress allows you to rock your inner beach babe – perfect if you’re heading off to sunnier climes for your big day.

2. Feathers

Feather details have been popular for a few seasons now, but 2020 sees them really come into their own. What might have felt a bit ‘regardez-moi’ previously, is now dramatic and glamorous. Next year is all about adding a touch of theatre to your look and including feathers is a fun way of adding glamour and femininity. Also, the options are endless. From fully-feathered gowns to subtle wispy plumes, feathers are here to stay and they’re really taking off next summer.

3. Capes

If you don’t want a veil, but you like the idea of adding something to your gown, a cape could be a good option. Lengths vary and they can really add some dramatic movement to your dress, as well as some extra dimension to your silhouette. The added benefit is that capes provides a quick and simple way of mixing up your look. Wear one for a more formal look during your ceremony, especially if you want to cover your shoulders, and then whisk it away when the evening festivities kick in!

4. Shorts

Bridal jumpsuits have become very popular in recent years and now they have a new, albeit short best friend - the bridal playsuit, or equally trendy - the bridal shorts. This playful option is perfect for a destination wedding or for a bride who’s going for a more relaxed feel and deep down, just wants to have fun!

5.‘Puff’ and volume

For some brides, it’s still a question of go big or go home, and thankfully for them – ‘big’ is back! We’re talking oversized puff sleeves, collars and a shirred ball skirt here. This style definitely evokes images of '80s glam which, let’s be fair is bang on trend right now. What’s more with some dresses – the extra puff is detachable! So, you can take full control of that volume and scale up when you want to make an entrance and then bring it back down when it’s to hit the dancefloor. Take heed though – it doesn’t matter how fashion forward you are, this trend can easily overwhelm small frames, so talking to a designer and making sure your dress fits you perfectly is key here!

So, there you go! Part one of my top 10 trends of 2020. Keep an eye on the blog to read part two soon! If any of these sparks your interest, do get in touch! I’d love to discuss how we can create that dream dress for your wedding next year!