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Do I need a bridal appointment?

Yes all our appointments are done face to face on a one to one basis. These appointments are generally held Monday –Saturday. We offer Morning afternoon and evening appointments between 10am – 6pm evening appointments are available email us to check our availability.

We have in house samples available to try on which are 8-12 dress size. Samples can be seen throughout our website.

We offer two types of appointments which are all held at our West London bridal studio in Acton.

 Initial appointment

This appointment is to discuss your ideas for your wedding. In terms of the style and look of your wedding and dress,and your budget . We also explore anything you like in particular and how this may work for you!! These ideas can be a scrapbook or Pinterest board we would love to see it!!

If you happy with your appointment along with all the ideas discussed we then advice you to book a further bridal appointment.

 Bridal appointment

Are for brides who know what they want!! Have agreed budget and would like to book us to create their wedding dress. You would need to sign our bridal agreement and pay a 50% deposit to secure your wedding dress order. Based on the ideas you have we are able to offer you 2-3 wedding dress design sketches for your approval. Once you have done all the above we can start the process!!

How long does it to t make a bespoke wedding dress?

This Varies considerably on each bespoke bridal gown. We need at least 6-9 months to complete your bespoke wedding dress. So please allow enough time to complete the entire process.

If there are alterations in the design and fit please allow extra time to carry out all the necessary changes to be made.  Please ensure you have the right underwear and shoe height for all your bridal fittings. The underwear needs to be the exact one you will wear on your wedding day as we design and fit your gown around it.

Shoes need to be the exact height you intend to wear on your wedding day. We offer advice on the appropriate under garment you need for your wedding dress.

Do you offer shorter lead times for your bespoke wedding dresses?

This depends on our diary commitments as Kate takes a limited number of bespoke commissions per year. Please get in touch to check our availability.

Measurements & weight loss

Our gowns are tailored made to the initial measurements taken at your bridal appointment. This are the agreed measurements we use to construct your wedding dress.

Any weight fluctuation may have a significant impact on the design process. As such if you plan on any weight loss our experience has shown it’s sensible to wait until you are “body ready”

Depending on the date of your wedding we need to agree a deadline to take your body measurements. Which we would need to construct your paper pattern for your calico fittings.

If you encounter significant weight gain or loss after the agreed measurements deadline please note that we may need to make further adjustments to your wedding gown which will be charged.

How Many fittings will I need?

Usually 3-4 calico fittings are needed to complete the design and development of you wedding design. If any changes are made resulting in further cutting an additional fitting would be needed to ensure you are happy to proceed to the next stage. A further fitting is required once the shell of your wedding dress is ready.

What fabrics do you use?

We only use Luxury end bridal fabrics silks and laces all of which have been carefully source from all over the world.

Cost of your bespoke wedding dress?

Each bride’s vision and journey is unique. As such pricing varies for each process. We are able to discuss pricing with you at your initial bridal consultation.

It is important to have a budget in mind, we are then able to give you a quote based on the information you provide to us. This then becomes you guide price point.

Our prices start from £2500 which depends on the style of dress and fabrics & trims used.

Payments & Deposits

In order to secure your wedding dress order we would need initial payment of 50% deposit which is Non Refundable

2nd Payment is due once we complete the design development and fit process in the calico fabric. Which is the (mock up version) of your wedding dress. This payment is 50% of the remaining balance due. This payment is to cover the cost of your wedding dress fabric and the production of your wedding dress.

3rd payment is due once you attend the fitting of your wedding dress in its shell fabric. This fitting is your wedding dress in its actual chosen fabric, without lining and finishing.

The remaining balance is due once you are happy with your shell fitting appointment. Your wedding dress will then be finished and approved by you. Any outstanding balance should be paid at least 14 days before the agreed collection/ delivery of your wedding dress.

What is your refund policy?

All dresses are made to order to your specifications, therefore are non refundable, However, you will be heavily  involved with the whole wedding dress making process, and provided with a design and fabric samples along the way, so there won’t be any surprises! 

Do you re-style old wedding dresses?

Unfortunately we do not restyle old wedding dresses or offer alterations service to brides. We only work on our own bridal designs.

Do you design and make wedding accessories?

Yes we do!!  All our designs we can offer to design and make you a complimentary headpiece or veil using the sample material from your wedding dress

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