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5 hot bustle & Bow looks for your wedding dress

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We are loving the return of the bustle and bow detail on wedding dresses. We are going to share with you 5 examples of how you can wear a bustle or bow on your wedding dress. A bustle or bow can add detail or drama to your wedding dress.

We are going to look at the modern take on how to wear your bustle or bow. These details can be incorporated into your wedding dress design easily. you can also have the option of having them detachable, which will give you another look for your wedding dress.

Bow or bustles can be any size you want, it adds drama and detail to your dress. For example if you opted for a simple elegant silhouette for your wedding dress you could consider adding some detail to the front or back of your wedding dress. Bustles and bows can also be featured unto the side of your dress.

These are some examples below of some of our favourite trends for wedding dresses 

1.This gorgeous bow is positioned on the back neckline of this wedding dress. Adds the perfect romantic and soft feel to this wedding dress. Instead of going for a traditional train this is another great option you may want to consider. This bow can easily be detached for your evening reception look.

2. This second look a large bow detail has been added to a simple strapless column dress. It add the perfect detail in the back, which can be detached for your evening reception. This dress does not have a train so work really well adding drama and detail to the back of the dress.

3. The third bustle look is a more traditional modern take for the bustle to be worn. Bustles are      traditional worn at the back of the wedding dress just below the waist line.  We love the traditional look and feel of this bustle in a silk taffeta silk. Adds volume and great drama to the back of this very elegant dress.

4. We love this large bow on this dress, with the long tail at the back. Another great option if you decide not to have a built in train on your wedding dress. Again we love the fact that the bow can easily be detached from the wedding dress.

5.This large bow has  a classic feel to it, placed on the side of the dress to give a slight modern feel. Works really well as we mentioned earlier if you are looking at minimal style or look for your wedding dress, yet you want to add a bit a edge and detail to your bridal gown this maybe another fabulous option you may want to consider.