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Hot 2021 Wedding dress trends to get you inspired

We are going to look at some hot trends that will get you inspired for your wedding, whether you are planning a low key event or planning a big bash!! If you like many have had to postpone your wedding day and brought your wedding dress. We can show you how you can wear your bridal gown for a different season. Its all about making the right choices and having the option to adapt the style & look of your wedding dress. Many brides are planning a small micro wedding and having a big party later!! #getmarriednowpartylater we are going to have a look at some styles that you can do exactly that. Or if you choose to hold tight and plan your big day we will also look styles to suit you.

Simple Minimal looks

Many brides as I mentioned will opt to have a simple small wedding ceremony now and have a big party later. Many brides will save “the real wedding dress” for the big party reception. So for now brides may opt for something simple, and modern. This is where the more alternative styles are becoming increasingly popular for brides. Brides wanting something that is modern, elegant Jumpsuits, Midi Length dresses very cool cuts simple line are a great option. Both looks are by Viktor & Rolf Manage

More alternative styles for your micro wedding

Ballerina Inspired gowns

The ballerina inspired gowns are the new princess bride look. Delicate shoulder straps to tiered crinoline underskirts. The ballerina influence is a fresh take on the traditional more formal princess look. 3D floral embroideries full length circular skirts teamed together with corseted bodices. Drapery on the skirts along with shirred tulle to form a full-on prima ballerina drama/ look.


Necklines are becoming a big feature with the use of ruffles, asymmetrical neckline drapery on the neckline are a very interesting feature on wedding dresses for 2021 this beautiful stunning dress my designer George Hobeika is the perfect example of how neckline next season are being used to create impact and drama to your wedding dress. The clever use of organza silk to create this fan effect around the neckline is genesis

Detachable Sleeves

Detachable sleeves are also a very popular next season, I think its a clever way of adapting your wedding dress.  This option can transform your bridal look and is differently both practical and fashionable. especially with brides having to move dates and seasons for their wedding.  This also gives you another look for your evening reception once you remove the sleeves.

Beaded/ Sparkle Bridal gowns

We mentioned how brides due to the pandemic are opting to have a low key ceremony and have a big party later when it is safe to do so!!  This beaded/ sparkle bridal look could form the "real wedding dress" whereby you can still have that big moment and the grand entrance should you wish to do so. There are no rules this beaded/ sparkling dress can be long or short the options are endless. Most designers have added some sparkle to their collections so its worth exploring.  This bridal dress is by Berta

Pastel & muted tones

This is a very beautiful way to add colour to your wedding dress, giving a soft and romantic feel to your bridal gown. This can be easily done by applying a silk  satin layer underneath your bridal lace or embroidered tulle layer of your wedding dress. This dress is one of our very own in this bridal dress design me have used a very pale pink muted shade underneath ivory tulle giving a very soft and delicate look to the wedding dress.

Cover- ups

It a great option if you don't want to wear a bridal coat or jacket. This is another growing trend which has been adapted and influenced by the pandemic give brides the option to add cover - ups to their bridal looks. Designer Mira Zwillinger has developed a collection of cover-up for brides that have been cleverly cut and fitted to set perfectly around your wedding dress. Great option for religious ceremonies and brides having to adapt their bridal looks to suit changes of dates and season of their wedding.