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5 Bridal Tailor looks we love

We are going to take a look at how bridal tailoring can be used to create your bridal look. The use of the tailored bridal  jacket in your bridal style. Or simply opting to go for a traditional trouser tailored look option. I like the way tailoring has been introduced allowing brides to have the option to go for a more relaxed wedding vibe on their wedding day. What is equally good about it, is you can wear this look and style through out the year.

Look 1

Tailored trousers teamed together with a bridal blouse. You can also wear this bridal look with a tailored jacket. The options you have with bridal tailored trousers are having a formal look with a waist coat in the middle, creating a three piece tailored formal trouser suit. We opted in this look to created the tailored bridal trousers and created a high neck silk bridal blouse. Which creates a feminine relaxed bridal look for the modern bride.

Bridal trousers and blouse, exclusive

Look 2

This tailored trouser suit is extremely popular for brides, looking for a more modern and relaxed look for their wedding day. The tailored jacket and trousers has been team together with a cropped bridal top. This look could also work for you if you wish to have a bridal blouse or bustier style in the middle. This would give a soft feminine look and feel to your bridal outfit. 

bridal fashion trends, Bridal fashion blog by Kate Edmondson

Look 3

The traditional tailored jacket which can be worn with a full length dress or skirt.  This look is also a great option as you can have the more relaxed feel with the tailored jacket. Which can be removed to give a more formal look in the day or evening.  This look can also be worn throughout the wedding season and fabulous for a winter wedding. There is the option to go with a softer fabric for your wedding dress. Which we allow you to have a softer and romantic look to your bridal look. Textured tulle and lace or a plain silk satin slip dress works really well.

Look 4

Has a masculine and feminine look combined. I love the use of the textured 3D Tulle which has been used to create the skirt. This gives a feminine and softer feel to the bridal outfit teamed together with a traditional tailored jacket. A great look for a fashion forward bride.

Look 5

The tailored bridal jumpsuit is another popular choice for brides not wanting the traditional wedding dress look. This jumpsuit has a tailored structured look and style, we love the feminine touches on this jumpsuit the large bow detail is amazing along with the asymmetrical neckline. The crop tailored trouser allows the bride to wear a great pair of shoes. 

We create bridal tailored outfits for brides on a bespoke basis using luxury bridal fabrics. Please get in touch with us to discuss your options. We have a civil ceremony range available made to measure

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