Wedding gowns

"Contemporary bridal luxury for the style conscious bride"

Wedding Gowns

Kate Edmondson designs her couture bridal collections with a distinctive vintage feel and a contemporary edge. 

Classic elements, timeless style, a modern-day finish define Kate’s unique creations.

Taking inspiration from the 1930s and 1940s, Kate’s signature style gives brides a choice and style options that they wouldn’t necessarily see in off-the-peg collections. Kate’s former brides cite Kate as having the unique ability to design and create a dress that completely reflects their individual personality and style.

Kate oversees every step of the way when it comes to creating your wedding dress, from stitch to seam, and sourcing all of the luxury fabrics required to give your gown that perfect cut and fit. She is an expert in body shape and can guarantee that your dress will fit like a glove, meaning that you will feel comfortable and confident – at your most beautiful best on your big day.

Whether you have the exact dress and accessories in mind, or you would like to explore your options with one of the most experienced and respected designers in British bridal couture, Kate would love to help.

In the images below you will see a selection of dresses that Kate has designed…

beautiful bespoke bridal dress design
wedding gown design, subtle nod to flora by Kate Edmondson
beautifully detailed high neck sleeveless bridal
backless, sleeveless wedding dress
traditional lace top wedding gown, with a twist - Kate Edmondson Bridal
Kate Edmondson exclusive wedding dress featuring lace
beautiful lace bridal dress design
V-back, deep waist lace top bridal gown Kate Edmondson exclusive
high society, deep V top classic dress designed by Kate Edmondson
classic elegant V-top wedding dress by Kate Edmondson Bridal, London
exclusive bridal design, high neck, long sleeve,
classic long sleeve high neck bridal
simple elegance, two-piece bridal design by Kate Edmondson, London
crop top, long skirt, 2-piece bridal by Kate Edmondson, London
lace trimmed top over bodice
flowing sleeves, wedding dress by Kate Edmondson bridal
lace detail exclusive bridal designs
white & white lace, mutton sleeve, slim bridal -
vintage inspired 2-piece bridal
cute, classic two-piece bridal
fabulous lace sleeves, 3 piece bridal ensemble
bridal separates
wedding dress separates
wedding dress separates top and skirt by Kate Edmondson
Floaty wedding dress, understated wedding dresses

Floaty wedding dresses, alternative wedding dresses uk

floaty wedding dresses, alternative wedding dresses, Kate Edmondson Bridal uk

boho chic wedding dresses uk, Floaty wedding dresses Kate Edmondson bridal, London, uk

bespoke vintage inspired wedding dresses

vintage style wedding dresses uk bespoke

off the shoulder wedding dresses bespoke bridal

French lace wedding dresses vintage-inspired exclusive designs