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10 wedding dress trends for 2020 – part 2

Continuing from my last post, here we have the 2nd part of
my top 10 wedding dress trends of 2020. Below is a rundown of what I think will
be taking the aisle by storm next year!

1. Asymmetric necklines

For some things in life, symmetry matters. It’s quite important in maths and some laws of physics completely rely on it. Thankfully however, the same rules don’t apply in bridal couture. This is good, because asymmetrical necklines are proving extremely popular with brides at the moment.

Single straps, jaunty angles, sloping angular necklines. All of these come under the heading of asymmetrical necklines, and they’re great if you want to throw caution to the wind and opt for a look that is distinctly fashion forward and rebels against order and balance.

2. Pockets!

Who says that your wedding dress can’t be practical too? For those brides who like to have their bare essentials close by, designers are opting to include pockets in next year’s wedding dress designs. Great, if you need to quickly add some lippy before walking down the aisle.

Designs I’ve seen have pockets that are cleverly concealed within the flowing layers of the gown, meaning your dress remains stylish and sleek, with some added storage!

3. Nearly nude

Love it or hate it, the sheer nearly nude dress is gathering popularity at pace. Revealing a naked silhouette, obscured slightly by gently flowing sheer fabric is a look that the more risqué amongst us are loving!

These often fully-covered gowns leave little to the imagination but (in most cases) still manage to feel sophisticated. This look can be enhanced with under-layers that suit your body shape and you can also experiment by playing with slips, lingerie, and linings.

4. Clever corsetry

Continuing with a similar theme here, underwear as outwear is now coming to the aisle too. Interestingly though, the intent seems to be less about being sexy here; it’s actually taking on a more regal feel. By this I mean designers are opting for exposed boning and visible corsets paired with classic ball gowns. This look is daring but classy and if you really want to ramp up the royal renaissance fun, this trend looks great with the high low hemline mentioned in my last post.

5. All over lace

I love lace! It’s so classic and creates a beautifully delicate look that transcends a variety of styles. Lace has been a popular choice with brides for as long as we can remember, but in 2020 designers are really pushing the boundaries of what can be done with this fabric.

An increasingly popular trend is crochet over lace. With this, we’re talking crocheted long sleeves and high necks, as well as lace mixed with tulle, creating a romantic bohemian 70s look.

Lace is the perfect solution for a traditional bride looking for a timeless look, just as much as it is for a destination bride, who’s after a beachy, boho feel.